The Best Way To Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Nowadays many people have opted for hardwood floor because they look very elegant and classy. With a proper type of cleaning in place, a hardwood floor can be durable. The cleaning hardwood floors process may vary slightly according to the type of finish the floor has. There are two types of hardwood floor finishing namely: wax and polyurethane. The later is more common and easier to clean. There is a particular way of cleaning each of them, however some few variations are allowed. Each of the method discussed below can be considered as one of the best way to clean hardwood floors.

Cleaning hardwood floor with water is not scary and does not cause any damage to the wood. However, you should bear in mind that the floor should not remain wet for a longer time after doing cleaning. The floor must be dried immediately, and if there are holes, water should not be allowed to seep into them, because it will slowly start to ruin the floor at that particular point. For this reason never splash or pour water on the hardwood floor instead use a mop. A mop should be made wet to have dampening effect on the floor. Ensure you remove all debris and dirt from the floor before you start mopping.
Use of a broom or vacuum cleaner can be another best way clean hardwood floors if the dirt is manageable. Brooms unlike water is available almost everywhere. Mopping and brooms work in handy, brooms can be used to clear hard particles which can make scratches on your beautifully floor when mopping. Periodic vacuuming and sweeping is vital. You should use an appropriate hard surface extension when vacuum cleaning. Never use household sprays and other house dust treatment.
Ph Neutral Cleaners are good hardwood floor cleaning products to use for removing grime and dirt. However, they can damage your hardwood finish when you use them continuously. These Ph Neutral Cleaners do not require rinsing and they work by dissolving stains without damaging the finish. In case you want to get rid of spills and stains from your hardwood floor without causing damage to your finish you should consult with your flooring expert and get advice on which cleaning product to use. Otherwise, you can use a cleaner that is PH neutral and water based. A good example is a solution of water and vinegar. This mixture is easy to make and will keep you floor clean and shiny. Some people add Penisol to give the wooden floor a good clean smell.

The following is a list of what you should not do when cleaning hardwood floor.

Never use ammonia.
Never use cleaners that might leave a residue or film.
Never use wax over surface finishes.
Never use excess water.
Never drug furniture when mobbing just lift them.

Best hardwood floor cleaning

for scratches and stains, start removing them from peripheral going towards the center. To get rid of sticky substances especially chewing gum, place a plastic bag full of ice on top and wait it to become brittle and then sweep it.
To keep your hardwood floor beautiful and durable is not an easy task. It requires regular cleaning. The best way to cleaning hardwood floors depend on what type of finish it has. However, using the above tips your hardwood floors will be clean and durable